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One of the most important things in our lives is our health. Every day, millions of Americans are diagnosed with everything from chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer or heart disease, to simple ailments including the common cold.

Learn to take better care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Don’t miss 107.7 The Bronc’s first on-air program about your health, Health 411!

Forget Dr. Google! Every Sunday at 11 a.m., Dr. Jonathan Karp, from the Health Studies Institute of Rider University provides truthful health information to expand your knowledge and perspective. Whatever the topic: health insurance, personal diet and exercise, or preventative medicine techniques Dr. Karp will keep you informed, sharing important tips and trending topics in the healthcare industry.

Learn how to take better care of yourself and receive up-to-date health information you may have never heard about before. Listen to Dr. Johnathan Karp and Health 411 Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. exclusively on 107.7 the Bronc.

The Health Studies Institute of Rider University, brings together diverse perspectives, expertise and leadership to impact regional, national and global health issues through education, innovation and outreach. For more information regarding the Health Studies Institute, click here.

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Meet The Host and Producer

IMG_0669(Host) Dr. Jonathan Karp is a Professor of Biology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Health Sciences at Rider University. He has been doing health-related teaching and research at Rider since 1997. Prior to Rider, he conducted psychoneuroimmunology research at the University of Rochester Medical Center. He earned a BA and Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Colgate University and Vanderbilt University, respectively. At Rider he regularly teaches at all levels of the curriculum including courses in Brain & Behavior, Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurolobiology, Biostatistics, and senior seminars. He has a daughter and two sons with whom he regularly discusses the myths and realities of health-related issues. Health 411 is his first appearance on the radio. He can be reached at or 609-895-5658.

IMG_0661(Producer) Diamond McNellis is part of the graduating class of 2019, and is a Biology major here at Rider University. Diamond is a pre-medical student who has her eyes set on medical school following her graduation from Rider. She has been a part of various organizations on campus, such as the Capital Health Internship Program, the Pre-Health Society, Active Minds, the Science Learning Community, the Science Seminar Journal Club, and the Health Studies Institute. Outside of the classroom, Diamond enjoys playing various instruments, spending time with family/friends, and watching Netflix. Diamond is very excited and honored to join the 107.7 The Bronc family, while also providing listeners with important “Health 411” insight.


Audio Archives

February 3, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Diamond McNellis tackle two more health myths: 1. Everyone needs 8 hours of sleep per night, and 2. Caffeine causes dehydration.

January 27, 2019

Terri Mandigo, M.S. Ed – Dr. Karp and Terri Mandigo discuss nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle.

January 20, 2019

Dr. Eric Schwartz – Executive Director of Capital Health’s Institute for Urban Care, Dr. Eric Schwartz, tells Dr. Karp about the program created to help pregnant women and new mothers overcome their opioid addictions. The title of the program is: “For My Baby and Me”,

January 13, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Producer, Diamond McNellis, discuss Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

January 6, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Producer, Diamond McNellis, discuss stem cell research in the United States; as well as “stem cell tourism” in other countries.

December 30, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Producer, Diamond McNellis, discuss melatonin (Encore).

December 16, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Producer, Diamond McNellis, discuss melatonin.

December 9, 2018

Dr. Nadine Heitz and Dr. Zan Streubing – Dr. Karp, Dr. Heitz, and Dr. Struebing detail mental health on our college campus, including various outreach projects and the support staff here for students.

December 2, 2018

Ilene Fink – Dr. Karp and Ilene Fink discuss marketing and healthcare in New Jersey, as well as the future of this field.

November 25, 2018

Micah Rasmussen – Director of the Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics, Micah Rasmussen, joins Dr. Karp to discuss the ever complex political atmosphere of New Jersey healthcare.

November 18, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Karp and Diamond McNellis discuss what dietary supplements are, as well as the possible health hazards associated with them.

November 11, 2018

Brett Nemeth – Dr. Karp, Brett Nemeth, and Matthew Mysholowsky discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

November 4, 2018

Dr. Kristin McCarthy – Dr. McCarthy provides insight into the current healthcare environment in New Jersey, as well as insight into the future for our state.

October 28, 2018

Dr. Patrick R. Progar – As Executive Director of the Princeton Child Development Institute, Dr. Progar provides insight into Autism in New Jersey.

October 21, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Yavelow – The brave Dr. Jonathan Yavelow shares his experience as a cancer patient.

October 14, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Karp – Dr. Jonathan Karp and Producer Diamond McNellis tackle health myths that have been around for years. Curious? You should be!

October 7, 2018

Dr. Jamie Ludwig and Shannon Hennessy Pulaski, LLC – Dr. Jonathan Karp, Dr. Jamie Ludwig, and Shannon Hennessy Pulaski, LLC discuss the BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations associated with breast cancer. Join us to learn about these mutations, why you should be tested, and how to proceed once receiving your results.

September 30, 2018

Dr. Drue Stapleton – Dr. Jonathan Karp and Dr. Drue Stapleton discuss athletic injuries and risk factors associated with injuries. Join us while we talk about important topics in injury prevention, such as recognizing when your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.

September 23, 2018

Dr. Jim Riggs – Dr. Jonathan Karp and Dr. Jim Riggs discuss all things vaccines; from what they are, how they work, the “anti-vax” movement, and the dangers of not being vaccinated. Join us while we distinguish fact from myth about vaccinations.

September 16, 2018

Dr. Jonathan Yavelow – Dr. Jonathan Karp and Dr. Jonathan Yavelow discuss the up-and-coming Health Studies Institute at Rider University. As the premiere show of “Health 411”, the vision for the future of the show is introduced.

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