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Living Local Expo Part 2- Katie and Meghan continue their adventure at the Living Local Expo. They interviewed more guests from local businesses.

Living Local Expo Part 1- Katie and Meghan take an adventure to the Living Local Expo. They interview guests from local businesses.

That’s So Lush- Meghan flew solo this week. She talked about the history Lush Cosmetics, she had a special guest on Stephanie from Lush from the Quaker Bridge Mall. She also discussed animal cruelty free week. Lastly she talk about how you can have a truly Green Saint Patrick’s Day.

Shadybrook Farms : Meghan and Katie talk to Karen Rogers from Shadybrook Farms and discuss whether flowers are REALLY organic, and the potential of algae as biofuel.

Flower Show 2 pm : Meghan and Katie do an encore broadcast of Sustainable You live at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Flower Show 11 am: Meghan and Katie broadcast live from the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show.

Solo Round! In Meghan and Katie’s first show produced ON THEIR OWN, they discuss some hot topics such as flow batteries, how paper can be converted into fuel similar to coal, which celebrities are going green, and why being vegetarian is actually good for you.

High on Information! Meghan and Katie discuss the value of hemp, how some scientists have found ways to harness solar energy for use even when the sun goes down, and what to do with extra Valentine’s day or other holiday cards on this episode of Sustainable You.

Trenton Farmer’s Market! Meghan and Katie visit the Trenton Farmer’s Market and talk about its history, and interview some of the vendors about what they sell and how they run sustainable local businesses. They also discuss what kind of winter superfoods we should be eating and why we should buy local.

Blue Light Special! Emily, JohnMichael, Katie, and Meghan talked about how studies have shown that plants can regulate their own growth, green infrastructure can improve air quality in areas of public transportation, how Super Bowl XLVIII is adopting sustainable habits, and how China has added more solar capacity than any other country ever has in a single year! The show finished up with a discussion of how iPhones are keeping people from getting a good night’s sleep because of their blue lights and some tips on how to stay green in 2014.

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT! Emily, JohnMichael and Katie discussed how mental health benefits of green spaces, AgriDjalo puts human waste to fertilizer. They also talked about the worlds oldest know cancer found in dogs and how the cold waves used to be more frequent, and now that we’re not used to them. Then they finished the show with finding out how its worth insulating your pipes and some simple tactics for living more sustainably.

NOT THE SHRIMP! Emily and JohnMichael discuss why Americans are fitter yet fatter, cutting out shrimp, rocket stove and using it for camping and how smoking is more deadly than ever! They ended the show with Heirloom seed companies and some low tech and simple tactics for living more sustainably.

Sustainable DUH!- Emily and JohnMichael discuss the obvious by discussing animal sanctuaries, pesticides, lighting facts and revolutionary technology. They wrap up with sustainable snow removal and tips for being sustainable in the winter.

Do Your Research! – Emily and JohnMichael discuss seahorses, NYC banning Styrofoam, and the deadliest fruits and vegetables. They finish up with talking about how to go green while skiing and snowboarding and how to throw a eco-friendly New Year’s Bash!

DITCHING YOUR SHAMPOO!?: On todays show Emily and JohnMichael talked about All you need to know about The Pipelands Pipeline, Is ditching your shampoo a good idea, and The Project_ Reboot! They also talked about 5 things to reuse and repurpose, and then finished up with some green gifts ideas!

NOT THE PEANUT BUTTER!: Emily and JohnMichael talked about whats causing all these peanut allergies, more farmers are ditching GMO crops and artist weaves delightful ‘bio-sculptures’ & animal habitats out of wood. 8 ways to use honey to pamper your skin and hair. The show ended with how to have a green Christmas.

Going Solo: Emily gets you up to date on Toyota’s plan to change the way Asia is driving, how Cali is trying to get rid of plastic bags and how parents are using smartphones as pacifiers. She also gives you some helpful tips on how to cure a cold naturally and how to have THE MOST SUSTAINABLE THANKSGIVING EVER!!

The Bonnie Episode!: On this episode of Sustainable You, JohnMichael and Emily talked about Google Earth Launching a deforestation map, and about how you can charge your laptop and get some exercise at the same time with pedal power! They also chat with Bonnie Tillery, a volunteer population coordinator of the Sierra Club. The duo finished up the show with how to begin a sustainable Thanksgiving day preparation! 

Sustainably Fabulous Thanksgiving! This morning Emily and JohnMichael talked about what the Earth will look like if we melt all the ice, Super- Typhoon Haiyan is almost like Katrina and Sandy combined, and 45 large U.S. cities ranked by percentage of bicycle commuting. Then they ended the show with 5 EARTH- FRIENDLY THANKSGIVING DECORATING TIPS!

PERFECT SWEATER! We had a great time on Sustainable You today talking about The Wonderbag an electricity- free slow cooker, Extinct tree grows anew from ancient jar of seeds and THE PERFECT SWEATER! Appalatch launching 3D printed wool sweaters. and we finished with salt and sugar scrubs and ways to support sustainable fashion!

GREEN-YAY!: This is definitely a unique epsiode you want to listen to. We talk about how chickens out preform toddlers in math tests, why you should ditch anti-bacterial soaps and more news on Keystone XL. ALSO WE TALKED WITH ADRIEN GRENIER!! We also wrap up with the final bit of sustainable Halloween tips.

Where’s The Water?: On this epsiode of Sustainable You, JohnMichael and Emily talked about how Molasses is killing aquatic life, how we are using up water way too quickly and NASA’s big news. We also discussed sustainable furniture and how to load your dishwasher and conserve water all at once!

THE MAGIC THE MEMORIES AND THE SUSTAINABLE YOU On today’s episode Emily and JohnMichael talked about air pollution levels around the world, how Enbridge tar sand pipeline threatens Great Lakes,and how Kenya is microchipping rhinos in anti-poaching effort. They also talked about Disney and how they encourage their guests, cast members, business associates, and consumers to be more sustainable and take action to help the planet. Then finished the show with sustainable Halloween tips!

Sustainable Vodka???: Emily and JohMichael discuss how elephants are being poisoned by poachers, how a small patch can repel mosquito, and how a town is suing the EPA for allowing their children near pesticides. Think vodka can be green? YES! Listen to how you can go green with this common alcoholic drink! They also finish up discussing green dorm tips.

Green Innovations: On this episode of Sustainable You, Toyota talks about its new Prius for 2015, the solar powered plane that could possibly replace satellites and how rare birds are being hatched from chicken eggs. Emily and JohnMichael also talk about the 10 green celebrities and teased at how to green your dorm room.

BEE-utiful Day: On today’s epsiode we talked about Coke’s new way to green, the sinkhole that’s been causing serious problems, and how you can make a 300 dollar underground garden. We also talked with Steve Schwartz, an eco-rep at Rider with a huge mission and we talked about the benefit of peaches.

Beautiful Bees: Listen to Emily and JohnMichael discuss bee deaths, updates on the Ozone layer and a solar powered utility laptop. Ever wonder how to be beautiful sustainably? They discuss how you can be gorgeous and green and how to live an AC free lifestyle.

Sustainability Hits the Pinelands: Check out Emily and Cheyenne’s interview with Becca Gutwirth, Director of Education and Outreach of Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge. For more info about the refuge and volunteering for this amazing organization check out their website at

Chocolate and Vanilla- B list celebrities: On today’s epsiode of Sustainable You, We talked about the impact kids can make, how naming a baby gorilla could raise awareness, and how forcing a green act could turn off potential enthusiasts. Ever wonder how you can be sustainable in your pool? Or how sunshine could help you? Also, Emily and Cheyenne have big news!!

Hot, Steamy, and Sustainable: On this week episode, Cheyenne and Emily talked about national wind day, how to work from paperless offices, EV cars for a cheaper price. Also, how to be sustainable in the bedroom, and unexpected ways to go green.

SAY WHAT: On today’s episode, Cheyenne and Emily talk about Tesla’s future, how China is punishing it’s citizens for smog, and a big step for New Jersey Solar Power! Also, they talked about the weirdest ways to go green as well as how to ‘green-up’ your BBQ.

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