Powered exclusively by Rider students, 107.7 The Bronc features a full, student executive staff modeled after and designed to operate like a “free market” radio station.

Our amazing staff has earned it’s spot as one of the highest ranking college radio stations in the state and the nation. In 2015, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) nominated the Bronc for “Best College Radio Station” and the Princeton Review ranked The Bronc 15th Best College Radio Station in the Nation. We may not have won the award from the NJBA, but The Bronc was the only college radio station in New Jersey or Pennsylvania ranked in the entire Top 20.

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To choose an executive staff member you would like to get in touch with about a song we’re playing, a contest we’re airing, underwriting on The Bronc or to just learn more about our student staff members click any of the tabs below.

Meet The Staff

John Mozes
General Manager

A 20+ year radio veteran, John has been the GM of 107.7 The Bronc since September 2008. Before coming to Rider, John worked for more than 14 years at Nassau Broadcasting wearing many hats. John was a award-winning Creative Director, Man On The Street for both 97.5 and 94.5 WPST-FM and Co-Host of Philly Sports Live on ESPN 920 WPHY-AM.


Meghan Korb ’17
Co-General Manager/Video Director

Meghan is a Public Relations major and a Digital Media minor. She is currently an intern for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (dreams do come true). She started at The Bronc as a freshman and will end her time here as The Bronc’s Co-General Manager and Video Director. You’ll most likely find Meghan with a cup of coffee and pinteresting a bunch of crafts she probably won’t do.


JustinJustin Giachetti ’17
Co-General Manager/News Director

Justin is a Theatre Performance major with a double minor in Creative Writing and Film, TV, and Radio Production. The Bronc is a secondary family to him, and he takes so much pride in being one of the faces of the station. His job consists of working on many events for Rider University and the numerous sponsors. As a people person, he enjoy being able to communicate with these people and being able to provide the best service as possible. While not at The Bronc, he likes writing plays, cooking, doing karaoke, watching Disney movies, and just hanging with his friends. Justin grew up in Robbinsville, N.J. with his parents and twin sister, Marisa, who is also in college for theater.

032415_WRRC_020Andrew Zayicek ’18

Program Director

Andrew is the new Program Director for 107.7 The Bronc and is a Radio, Television and Film major. Both freshman and sophomore year Andrew announced for the Rider University Men’s Ice Hockey team. He is also involved with National Broadcast Society; Andrew works for Bronc Vision where he films Sports games in the Alumni Gym, and is also a tour guide. He is the co-host on his radio show, Turf’s Up Radio, which airs on both 107.7 The Bronc and WBZT 1230 AM iHeart Radio in West Palm Beach, Florida. He enjoys all sports especially hockey, soccer and baseball and hopes to get a well paying job so he can travel the around the world after he gets his degree in 2018.


Brianna Barrafato ’18
Traffic Director

Brianna is a Digital Media: Film, TV, Radio major with a minor in Public Relations. She has been part of the Bronc since the summer of 2015. Brianna is one of the host for VIP After Party which is broadcasted live from Killarney’s Publick House every Friday night. Brianna is also a member of RUN 100 and the National Broadcasting Society. She is also a resident advisor for Switlik Hall. For fun Brianna bakes cupcakes and watches funny cat videos.

032415_WRRC_009Jared Gollin ’18

Assistant Program Director

Jared is majoring in Digital Media at Rider University. Jared started at the 107.7 The Bronc with his own show, J-Rock This Evening, and wanted to get more involved at The Bronc by doing many promotional events. He became well known around The Bronc and earned his position as Web Director. Jared currently is a host on the student programs Rock Out With Your Bronc Out and Trash Talk. He is involved in many other clubs at Rider including Improv Club, The Art of Gaming, and the Rider Japanese Pop Culture Society. When not at the station or on-air, he enjoys video games, movies, especially bad movies, anime, and throwing a frisbee with friends in the warm weather.


Caroline Sasser ’18
Music Director

Caroline is a Digital Media: Radio, TV and Film major at Rider University. She’s been part of the station since her freshman year as a show host for Monday Mess and is very excited to be part of The Bronc exec staff. There’s never a bad time to listen to new music and every season is concert season for her. Music, along with dance and writing, is her passion. She enjoys listening to a variety of music and is always open to new experiences.


Sarah Walsh ’18
Promotions Director

Sarah is a Digital Media Major. Sarah loves all variety of music, Philly sports, dancing, singing, and drawling. The Bronc is a beautiful home where everyone feels like one big family. Most people spend their time at the station rather than being in their room. The Bronc provides great experiences for everyone and continues to be a home for us students.



Steven Stein ’18
Assistant Promotions Director

Steve is a Graphic Design with a double major in Political Science. He co-hosts on Rider’s Rock Out with your Bronc Out, Infinity Circuit, and The Sunday Shibby Shack. Steve loves listening to progressive rock, metal, classical, jazz, and hip-hop. He has an open ear to all types of music. Loves doing voice acting and making people laugh, he has found a family with the Bronc. It is his home away from home. Opportunity is limitless, strive for unique.


Isabella Azar ’17
Production Director

Isabella is majoring in Digital Media with a minor in Theatre Performance at Rider University. Isabella loves having a position within the wonderful team of students who run the radio station because 0f its inspiring atmosphere and the supportive environment here at The Bronc has allowed her to grow a great amount, not only within her job but as a college student as well. Isabella enjoys music, theatre, concerts and traveling. Isabella is also slightly addicted to caffeine.


Carlos Toro ’17
Sports Director

Carlos is a Journalism major at Rider University. He is a huge sports fan and the Sports Director of The Bronc. He loves the whole family of The Bronc, which is a big reason why he goes to the station everyday. When he is not in the station, he is either watching WWE wrestling, playing video games, or writing for the Radio News.



Mary-Lyn Buckley ’18
Social Media Director

Mary-Lyn is just a New Yorker trying out Jersey… Mary-Lyn is majoring in Journalism, and minoring in Advertising at Rider University. This is her first year working with The Bronc, along with being a member of The National Broadcasting Society and writing for The Rider News. You can catch her co-hosting Sustainable You every Saturday morning. Besides Radio, Mary-Lyn loves vacationing, adventures, Justin Timberlake, and shopping (What girl doesn’t?). She also is hooked on Orange is The New Black, Chipotle, and Dunkin Donuts. Remember you can make a Mean Girls reference to anything!

060716_WRRC_007Jordan Ryan ’18
Website Director
Jordan is a Graphic Design major and Web Design minor at Rider University. He is the host of The Geek Tank, which is the premier show on the station for geek-related news. When he’s not busy keeping The Bronc website up to date, you can often find him reading a new book, playing video games at the Student Rec Center, or just watching whatever tokusatsu or anime show he stumbles upon. Jordan is also an active member of the Rider Japanese Pop Culture Society.



Jennifer Boyer ’19
Media Services Director

Jen is majoring in Digital Media: TV, Film and Radio with a minor in Journalism. She is from Pittsburgh getting used to the Jersey life here at Rider University. This is her first year working at the Bronc, along with writing for Rider News, being a member of the Public Relations Society, RHA, and National Broadcasting Society. She’s seen co-hosting Monday Mess and Redneck Radio on Monday’s and Friday’s every week! She loves working at the station and is thankful she gets to work with an amazing group of people. Besides working at the station, Jen loves adventures, concerts, and festivals!


090215_WRRC_061Mackenzie Emmens ’17
Graphic Designer

Mackenzie is majoring in Graphic Design at Rider University with a minor in Advertising. She loves being involved on campus and the busy schedule that comes with it. In addition to being the graphic designer for 107.7 The Bronc she is also the design editor for The Rider News as well a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. She loves sushi and her addiction to coffee is unlike any other. FUN FACT: she’s completely deaf in her left ear so if she’s not responding she’s not ignoring you (probably), she just can’t hear you.




Contact the Station:

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Fax: (609) 219-4724

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