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December 2014

K-Laser- Dr. David Bradley, of K Lasers joined Dr. T via Skype. He discussed how we use lasers in veterinary medicine as a therapeutic tool to heal, decrease inflammation and regenerate tissue. He also discussed how lasers are used as a surgical instrument. K Laser is one of the leading edge laser manufacturers that perform excellent research and development. They strive to improve the capabilities of what lasers can do. This philosophy is why Dr. T uses K Lasers in his own practices.  Allie talked about great gift ideas for the pampered pet. Stephanie Kowalewski also joined us live in studio to discuss the 5 best things your pet wants from you for the holidays.

Ophthalmology Eyes- Dr. Shelby Reinstein, a veterinary ophthalmologist from VSEC joined us in studio. She discussed common scenarios that denote a visit to your vet, and when a specialist such as herself can work with your veterinarian to improve the quality of medical eye care for your four legged companions.
Allie’s Pet Project revealed wonderful ways you can give this holiday season to local shelters. Stephanie Kowalewski from Heavenly Hounds Dog Training suggested creating a puppy safe zone area for your dog so that they don’t get into things (especially things they can chew), and how that can help you this holiday season.

November 2014

Inside the Pet Emergency Room-  Dr. Garret Pachtinger of VSEC and VetGirl joined Allie and Dr. T in studio today. He talked about what signs you should look out to determine if your pet is in need of emergency care, and what to expect once you arrive at an emergency or 24 hour referral center. Allie’s Pet Project included everything you should include in a pet first aid kit for your home. Stephanie gave us great advice on what personality traits to look for when you go to adopt a dog.

The Importance of Veterinary Cardiology –  Our special guest, Dr. Dennis Burkett, Cardiologist and owner of Hope Veterinary Specialists talked about the education process of becoming a veterinary specialist. He stressed the importance of how your regular veterinarian and the specialists work as a team to create the best medical environment for you pets. As a veterinary cardiologist, Dr. Burkett discussed the most common types of heart diseases that dogs and cats can get, namely acquired and congenital. We talked about the importance of medication and how it significantly leads to better longevity and quality of pet’s lives. Finally, he stressed the importance of evidence based medicine. Your veterinarian gives you their best recommendations of treatment for your pet based on what is known to work.  Allie talked about the importance of honoring the four legged veterans, and how they continue to play an important role in keeping our troops safe (sniffing our IED’s!) Stephanie Kowalewski of Heavenly Hounds gave great advice on keeping your pet’s safe in your cars. Crate training is something of major importance for car safety!

October 2014

Greetings From Hong Kong –  Dr. Alane Calahane, Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon and Managing Partner at Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong Skyped from her Hong Kong residence with Dr. T today. She talked about the journey that led her to Hong Kong, and how very similar pet healthcare is between where we are here and there. She also discussed how the Hong Kong people prefer pure bred cats, and brachiocephalic breeds (eg. Pugs, Pekingese, Bull dogs). She represents the future of quality, specialized healthcare in China.

Pet Acupuncture- Join Dr. T and Dr. LoScrundato of NorthStars Vets as they discuss alternative therapies for pain management.  They discuss what acupuncture is and why it is a good alternative for pain in pets.

“Pet Diabetes” - Join Dr. T and Dr. Peter Chaptmen from VSEC for a great discussion on pet diabetes and how you can diagnose your dog or cat.  As always, Stephanie Kowalewski from Heavenly Hounds Dog Training talks to us about using key words with your dog and how to train them.

“Pet Surgeon”- Join Dr. T and Thomas Monacco, board certified surgeon from North Start Vets as they talk about being a surgeon for pets. Stephanie Kowalewski from Heavenly Hounds Dog Training talks to us about potentially harmful situations when introducing yourself and your child to a new dog.

“Summer Eyes”- Join Dr. T and Ophthalmologist Kristina Vygantas in a great discussion about the health of your pets’ eyes. Remember we are live Saturdays from 10am-11am. As always, Stephanie Kowalewski from Heavenly Hounds Dog Training enlightens us with another wonderful insight into pet behavior.

“Fetch!”- Join Dr. T and Ed Saxton, General Manager of Fetch! Pet Care servicing Bergin County. As always, Stephanie Kowalewski from Heavenly Hounds Dog Training enlightens us with another wonderful insight into pet behavior.

“Summer, Summer, Summertime!” Dr. Marie Holowaychuk talks with Dr. T about the pets you love. Dr. Holowaychuk is a veterinary specialist in emergency and critical care, an accomplished speaker, consultant, researcher and a fellow Canadian. You could say that veterinary medicine is in her genes. She gave us wonderful pointers on Summer hazards and how to avoid them, and how to prepare financially for unexpected emergency visits. Stephanie Kowalewski was Live and gave great advice on how to get your dog to come to you on command. 

“More Than What the Eye Can See”- Michael Brown, a boarded specialist in ophthalmology celebrated a few firsts on our show Saturday. He was the first repeat guest, and we had some business students visiting in studio for the first time to view all the shows for ideas and pointers for their own upcoming show. Everyone had a great time in the studio  discussing everything and anything about pets. Listen for their show this fall!

Twenty 2nd Show-Happy Mother’s Day!” Dr. Tammy Anderson of NorthStar Vets joined Fatima and Dr. T in studio to talk about immune mediate diseases, her passion for fishing and geocaching. And she even was able to tell a great story about her mother! Stephanie Kowalewski of Heavenly Hounds Dog Training discussed the importance of socializing your puppy so that visits to the vets won’t be stressful. Visit to learn more about Dr. Anderson. Stephanie can be reached at


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