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This is Tommy Franks, a Communications major at Rider. He has a weekly two-hour show at the station titled ‘The Political Roundup’. He also has a current events podcast called ‘Reset Podcast’. His favorite things to do on campus are to go for a run outside on warm days as well as hang out with friends. He is also a men’s tennis player here at Rider, and also a big hockey fan as he has traveled to 19 NHL arenas, and his goal is to go to all 31!

Alexander Junge is a Music Production major with a concentration in Songwriting and a minor in Film Studies at Rider University. Alex is a huge music and movie fan, and is an expert in both. His favorite movie is The Shining. Favorite movie is Radiohead. And, his favorite song is “Layla” by Derrick and the Dominos. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, as he plays guitar, bass, and drums. In his spare time, he likes to watch NBA Basketball.

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