Get ready because you do not have to wait seven days to vote for which movie will be coming through your screens this Scream Screen 5: Attack of the Screens.

Thanks to you, the Rider students, we have slashed down the list like Freddy Krueger slashes down his victims, only 5 movies have survived Freddy wrath.

Which movie would you like to see at Scream Screen 5 Attack of The Screens?

The winning movie will be shown on your own screen when 107.7 The Bronc will be seeing you through the screens, on Friday, October 23, for the last of our three ghoulish events in on scream-tatstic night.

Click here to learn more about Scream Screen 5.

Scream Screen 5 is presented by the Association of Commuter Students, PepsiPuzzle BreakScenerStudent Entertainment Council, and Student Government Association.