On Tuesday, April 16*, one Rider student will find $1000 dollars hidden down our rabbit hole. Rider University’s cherished spring tradition returns, as 107.7 The Bronc presents: The Eggscellent Egg Hunt! 

In order to ensure everyone has a fun afternoon, here are a list of safety guidelines to keep in mind while enjoying The Eggcellent Egg Hunt!


107.7 The Bronc Eggscellent Egg Hunt Courtesy Guidelines
1. This event is open to all Rider students, faculty, staff and their families. However, only current Rider students are permitted to participate in the actual egg hunt! Faculty and staff members may win prizes from anyone of our eight game stations.

2. No one under the age of 17 will be permitted in the Egg Zone during the egg hunt.

3. No backpacks, purses, unauthorized bags and boxes will be permitted in the Egg Zone.

4. Participants may only use their hands, clothing or an approved SGA Eggscellent Egg Hunt
bag to collect eggs once inside the Egg Zone.

5. SGA bags will be available 15-minutes prior to the event along the Egg Zone perimeter.

6. Do not enter the Egg Zone area until authorized.

7. Once inside the Egg Zone, no running, pushing or shoving will be permitted.

8. We respectfully ask all egg hunters to gather no more than 10 to 12 eggs per person, so all
attendees to the Eggscellent Egg Hunt have the opportunity to participate and play.

9. Please place all emptied eggs in any one of the many Egg Collection stations located around
the Campus Mall

10. Winners may claim their prize(s) at the Eggscellent Egg Hunt prize tables located along North
Mall Drive.

11. Only Rider students may claim the grand prize, a $1000 Visa gift card. Winner must be a
Rider student and show a valid Rider ID to claim the grand prize.

12. Do not pick up or touch any animals in the petting zoo without speaking to the animal handler
or a 107.7 The Bronc staff member.

13. Please don’t feed the animals.

14. Please respect the mascots walking around the Eggscellent Egg Hunt. Do not poke, pull or
prod the mascot or their handler.

15. Food vendors will be located along South Mall Drive

16. All games and activities will be located along the Daly Dining Hall and Alumni Gym sidewalk
between North and South Mall Drive.

Click here to view the main page, click here to see the food vendors, and click here to see all the prizes

*Rain Date April 17 or 18, 2019