Getting Down to Business is your daily coach on 107.7 The Bronc Retro to help build and grow your business. Take a deep dive into the trends and elements that will help you maintain a successful business, as well as the best ways to start up a small business or reinvent your existing business.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for new ideas or already have a successful business and want to expand your brand, Getting Down To Business has plenty of helpful hints! If you are trying to put a project team together or just want to be able to collaborate better with other team members, we are here to help you do all that and more!

Tune in daily at the top of the hour on 107.7 The Bronc Retro for the ultimate tips
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Meet The Host

Kaleigh Muhs

Kaleigh is a grad assistant for the facilities department at Rider. She is going for
her masters in Organizational Leadership. In her spare time, she likes to listen to
music and podcasts, as well as practice piano and guitar. She also takes writing
prompts she finds on Pinterest and writes a story around it. Most of Kaleigh’s
friends live in Tennessee whom she keeps in contact with daily via social media
and texting.


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