The last taste of The Bronc Lunchbox, every week on The Bronc, has a true hometown feel to it. Local talent are trying to turn their garage tunes into their big break.

These artists, who are trying to make it big, reside and play locally in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia and you have one opportunity to hear them.

Tune in every Friday at Noon for More Than Q’s Homemade Hits. Some of the homemade specials on our menu every Friday include:

  • Dominy: Leather Jacket Song
  • Dead Projects: Mango Pineapple

If you want a chance to bring your music to Homemade Hits, email our Music Director, Brian Specian, at

Homemade Hits on The Bronc Lunchbox is underwritten by More Than Q Barbecue in Princeton.