1077TheBroncLaVerdiFizzelabs-logo-01We all aspire to be an entrepreneur and an innovator, but have trouble finding ways to unlock our creative potential.

Prepare to bubble up big ideas! Fizzee Labs presents: Innovation Accelerator with the Hudicka Family

Listen in to Joe, Lora, Joey and Heidi Hudicka as they discuss products and strategies to help you better your creative awareness and create value. You will learn ways to become and entrepreneur and innovator that are so easy even kids can do it!

Listen to our podcast of the Hudicka Family for Innovation Accelerator, the show that is dedicated to accelerating innovation in the classroom and the boardroom.

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Meet The Hosts and Producer

HUDICKA_38-(ZF-9092-73384-1-038)(Host) Joseph Hudicka is The U.S. Managing Director of Neurored, the leading Global Trade & Logistics Solution in the Salesforce.com Appexchange. Recognized by CIO Applications as a Top 25 Logistics Technology Solution Provider, clients leverage Neurored to manage more than $3 Billion in shipments annually. Hudicka also serves on Rider University’s Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Board in the School of Business Administration, where he also earned his MBA. Hudicka is a twenty five year veteran of the Supply Chain Industry, and internationally recognized as both a published author and speaker on business process reengineering, business intelligence and technological innovation. For fun, Hudicka volunteers with his wife Lora and children, Joey and Heidi, teaching people to transform their creativity into their greatest professional asset. Through these volunteer efforts, this family figured out how to gameify the teaching of innovation, and launched Fizzee Labs, LLC, which accelerates innovation for all organizations, from classrooms to board rooms.

HUDICKA_52-(ZF-9092-73384-1-052)(Host) Lora Hudicka leverages her artistic passion and talents to transform experiences for corporate clients transforming their identity and operations through the creation of custom software solutions. Lora is also an accomplished, award winning artist, currently inspired by things lost and found, and nature itself. Combining seemingly random elements to find an otherwise unseen beauty is truly at the core of everything Lora accomplishes, both personally and professionally. Lora is continually inspired to learn as well as teach, and empowering Joey and Heidi to achieve their innovation education mission is both a legacy worth dreaming about, and actually being lived, which is truly what life is all about.

HUDICKA_44-(ZF-9092-73384-1-044) (1)(Host) Joey Hudicka, a globally accomplished young innovator and entrepreneur, began his career when he was 5 years old, combining his love of strategy games like checkers, and sports like hockey, creating the game he named Puckz. When smart phones hit the scene as Joey turned 7 years old, he was inspired to transform his board game into a video game, becoming the world’s youngest app entrepreneur, achieving sales and downloads in more than 60 countries that year! Today Joey and his sibling Heidi have joined innovative forces, delivering interactive learning games and resources that teach the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship from the classroom to the board room, proving that creativity is our strongest professional asset in life.

HUDICKA_51-(ZF-9092-73384-1-051) (1)(Host) Heidi Hudicka, began her innovation adventure when she was just 4 years old, creating a fashion clothing line for her 18” doll collection, desiring them to enjoy a truly unique experience, unlike the clothes everyone else was buying in stores. Heidi quickly became an expert in design, developing a unique ability to inspire creative experiences that her clients would truly love to be a part of. When Heidi realized how much she was learning about the power of her creativity, she teamed with her sibling Joey to create LAUNCH!, an interactive board game designed to teach grade-schoolers the vocabulary and fundamentals of entrepreneurship. It was this special moment that sparked their own launch of Fizzee Labs, and today through a strategic partnership supporting NASA’s education goals, these LAUNCH! Party Fun & Learning events are becoming a National Competition Series!

IMG_0825(Producer) Eris Gee is a Senior Communications Major and who double minors in Journalism and Sports Studies. Eris is a part of the graduating class of 2020. Her interests include writing, listening to music, reading , and drawing. She also enjoys horror movies, and watching sports of pretty much any kind. In her writing she focuses on making various creative writing pieces and spoken word poetry. Eris is also has special physical pursuits; she enjoys rock climbing and going to the on a daily basis.

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