Time to get up and work out your mind with your daily dose of Mental Fitness on 107.7 The Bronc.

Every day on 107.7 The Bronc, Mental Fitness will educate you on a number of topics relating to your mental health and well-being, such as substance abuse and addiction, anxiety and panic disorders, depression bipolar and eating disorders and more. 

If you or anyone you know struggles with mental illness or addiction, or you just want to educate yourself about the important health-related topics, listening to Mental Fitness on 107.7 The Bronc is a great first step when it comes to understanding the symptoms and treatments. Consider Mental Fitness your five-minute mental health workout. 

107.7 The Bronc’s Mental Fitness is underwritten by the Lawrence Drug and Alcohol Alliance (LADA). LADA is the official coordinating body for planning, awareness, and prevention education efforts on alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse in Lawrence Township, NJ with funding provided by the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

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Meet Producer

(Engineer) Justin Riebman
Justin is the Media Services Director. He is majoring in Sports Media major. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, his favorite sports teams the Wizards, the Capitals, the Redskins, and the Nationals. He also enjoys being on his Play Station, you can find him playing 2K. Justin started at the Bronc hosting a throwback hip hop show called Wayback Wednesday. He now does a show about sports. On-campus catch him working at BroncVision, chilling with friends, and doing service work with Alpha Phi Omega.


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