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Here are this year’s entries for Rider Student Top Chef: Cluck U

Barbecue Pulled Chicken Sandwiches by Johnathan Jackson

Buff & Cheese Chickwhich by Demiera Lockhart

Buffalo Chicken Empanadas by SaMarie Cancel

Chicken Cutlets by Christen Biondolillo

Chicken Jalapeno Poppers by Zachary Tall

Chicken With Garlic and Shallots by Kathryn Weniger

Grandma Fran’s Famous Chicken Parm Burger by Maggie McLoughlin

Grandma Rose’s Chicken Tetrazzini by Samantha Six

Hummus-Chicken and Vegetables by Gregory Pernicone

Jamaican Curry Chicken with Sweet Corn, Peas and Jasmine Rice by Cleopatra Morrison

Mitas’ Costa Rican Rice and Chicken by Samuel Vargas

Nickey’s Chickeys by Haley Vassilijev

Oyster-Hoisin Chicken with Cashews & Fried Rice by Scott Wood

Pollo Guisado con Tostones by Omar Polanco

Scrambled Egg White with Chicken by Jie Wang

Sizzling Sassy Wings by Leah Thomas

Southern Style Crispy Chicken Tenders and Cornbread Waffles by Talauria Wright

Special Glazed Grilled Chicken BLT by Theodore Saydah

Spiced Grilled Chicken by Robert Mammana

Sweet Summer Time by Samantha Mischler

Yaslyn’s Buffalo Chicken Empanada by Yaslyn Lora