Powered exclusively by Rider students, 107.7 The Bronc features a full, student executive staff modeled after and designed to operate like a “free market” radio station.

Our amazing staff has earned its spot as one of the highest-ranking college radio stations in the state and the nation. In 2015, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) nominated the Bronc for “Best College Radio Station” and the Princeton Review ranked The Bronc 15th Best College Radio Station in the Nation. We may not have won the award from the NJBA, but The Bronc was the only college radio station in New Jersey or Pennsylvania ranked in the entire Top 20. 107.7 The Bronc has also earned numerous NBS-AERho Awards for commercials promoting events like Scream Screen as well as Best Audio News segment for Bronc News Round-Up.

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To choose an executive staff member you would like to get in touch with about a song we’re playing, a contest we’re airing, underwriting on The Bronc or to just learn more about our student staff members click any of the tabs below.

Meet The Staff

John Mozes

General Manager


A 20+ year radio veteran, John has been the GM of 107.7 The Bronc since September 2008. Before coming to Rider, John worked for more than 14 years at Nassau Broadcasting wearing many hats. John was an award-winning Creative Director, Man On The Street for both 97.5 and 94.5 WPST-FM and Co-Host of Philly Sports Live on ESPN 920 WPHY-AM.

Ashlee Hunter ‘22

Student General Manager


Ashlee is a Graphic Design major with a minor in Entrepreneurial studies. She will be graduating Rider in 2022. Besides working in the radio station, she is a member of the Black Student Union and an advocate for Hill hall’s Residence Hall Association. She is also a Bronc Ambassador on campus. Her interests include spending time with friends and participating in community service. Ashlee is excited to make memories at events with 107.7 the bronc.

Luis PhotoLuis Alvarez ’20

Program and Engineering Director 


Luis is a Graphic Design major. Luis is an experienced member at 107.7 The Bronc and has engineered many broadcasts and has contributed his time to the station. Luis is a big comic book enthusiast, has a small dog, a sweet tooth, and always tries to the best of his ability in whatever task he is given. Luis is also level headed and is open to trying anything new.

IMG_0465Chris Stavaone ’21

Assistant Program Director


Chris, as part of the graduating class of 2021, is a Psychology Major with a Criminal Law Minor here at Rider University. While also holding the role as Assistant Program Director at 107.7 the Bronc, Chris also works on the radio show, In the Mix as an engineer and host of the Lawrenceville Sponsored show, Mental Fitness. Outside of the radio station, Chris finds himself an avid musician and writer, ranging from poetry to screenwriting to short stories and so forth.

Ben Campbell ’22

Production Director


Ben Campbell is majoring in Film, Television, and Radio Production at Rider University; He’s also the Production Director for 107.7 The Bronc! He probably should have said that first. Ben enjoys being with his friends, pwning some noobs in his favorite video games, and speaking in the third person. He specializes in creating sweeps and advertisements for the Radio Station that are pure nonsense. Remember kids, making sense is always optional.


Michael Ricchione ’21

Traffic Director


Mike Ricchione, a Sports Media major, is returning to the Traffic Director position this year at 107.7 The Bronc. Aside from being the Traffic Director, Ricchione along with Steve Braverman are returning the show, “Steve & The Duck” to The Bronc’s airwaves. Why is Ricchione called “The Duck?” It’s a story he’ll tell you from his first day playing Club Baseball. Ricchione also works for Rider Athletics as an Event Manager and covers the Wrestling team for The Rider News. In his free time, Ricchione can be found at the ballpark with a beer in hand. 

Robert Brown ’22

Promotions Director


This is Robert Brown, he is the Promotions Director of 107.7 The Bronc.  Robert will be graduating from Rider in 2022.  His major is Film, TV, and Radio with a concentration in Film Making.  Some of his hobbies are running, working out, and having fun.  A special talent of his is that he can break down dance floors!




Tiffani Britton ’22

Assistant Production Director


Tiffani Britton is the Assistant Production Director and will be graduating in 2022. She is a double major in Television and Dance Performance. She is very passionate about dance, photography, and volunteering. Tiffani has been dancing since she was 3 years old and began taking dance more seriously around the age of 11. She has nearly 1000 community service hours and is the recipient of several President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Additionally, Tiffani interned for Bravura Magazine and graduated with a scholarship from the KYW News Radio 1060AM Newstudies program. You may see her helping out at the Writing Studio, working with Photography Club with her role as treasurer, dancing on stage, and of course, working at the radio station. In her spare time, she enjoys watching The Office, reading, and hanging out with her friends. Make sure you listen to her radio show, Misfit Music, on Monday nights at 8pm from 10pm, and if you see her around campus, say hi!

IMG_0447Brian Specian ’21

Music Director


Brian is a Popular Music Studies Major, he has a love for music as his favorite genres are Alternative Rock, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, with a little EDM. In his free time he is either watching movies, YouTube videos, listening to music, or watching Scrubs or The Office. His favorite hobby is playing or making music, as he plays Bass Guitar. His favorite time of year is concert season, as he waits to see his favorite bands perform. Brian is excited to be the Music Director for 107.7 The Bronc.

Anthony Collesano ’21

Sports Director


Anthony Collesano is an undergraduate studying Major-Film, TV, Radio with a concentration in TV. Also, he has a minor in sports studies. With that being said he is  Very much into sports you will usually see me talking about either the Brooklyn Nets or the New York Yankees. He Also huge Justin Timberlake as knowing everything and anything about him. Anthony also enjoys playing video games and going out with my friends. He is very excited to be producing your career is calling and cannot to make the show the best show on 1077 the bronc.

Danny Allen Jr. ’22

Assistant Promotions Director


Danny Allen Jr. the Assistant Promotions Director is majoring in Film. He has interests in football, cooking, gaming, and dancing. Some of his favorite films include the John Wick series, anything Marvel, and Wall-E. Shows his creative side in creating characters for Dungeons and Dragons and creating storylines for his personal projects. Danny also runs his own show called “It’s Electric” here at 1077 The Bronc.




Kory Koch ’20

Website Director


Kory Koch is a Popular Music Studies major with a minor in Radio, Tv, and Film he has been a part of the station since his freshman year. When Kory is not at the station on the air with his show called The Session he can also be seen at the sidelines of the basketball games playing the bass with the Courtside Band. Kory also helps run the Fine And Performing Arts Mentor Program helping incoming students get accustomed to college.



Mandy McLean 23′

Social Media Director


Mady is the  Director of Social media,  majoring in Tv with a minor in Film and Media Studies. Besides promoting the bronc, she is also a Bronc ambassador, a dedicated member of laughing rock, as well as having her own radio show. Apart from this, she likes to spend her time watching Netflix or Disney plus

Ronni Birnbaum ’21

Media Director


Ronni is an Elementary Education major with a minor in Special Education, she is graduating Rider in 2021. She is a member of Rider Univesity’s Hillel. Her interests include graphic design, wrestling, listening to music, and being with her friends. Ronni is excited to make memories at events with 107.7 the bronc.



ChristianMontalvo ’22

Graphic Designer


Christian is currently majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Web Design. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and is a part of the intramural b-ball team here at Rider. Along with basketball, Christian has a passion for photography. He loves any chance he gets to show off his creativity, especially when it comes to graphic design and he’s doing a great job at 107.7 The Bronc.

IMG_0502Gabriella LaVerdi ’20

Graphic Designer


Gabriella is studying Graphic Design and Web Design. On-campus she is a member of the Rider Dance Ensemble and will pursue the Technology chair position for the upcoming year. Gabriella has done competitive dance since she was five years old and has continued at Rider. In her free time, she loves anything involving the arts like drawing, painting, and dance. Her favorite style of painting includes using acrylic paints. She also has an interest in photography and enjoy’s taking photos of landscapes.