020515_WRRC_149-300x200Matthew McGrorty

Program Director

Matt is a Digital Media: Radio, TV, and Film major at Rider University. If you’re ever on campus, you’ll probably find Matt playing some tunes on his weekly radio show, Matt’s Majestic Music Mambo, or at the RUN100 TV studio filming Appropriate Audiences. Matt has a variety of interests outside of radio and TV. He enjoys singing 80’s pop songs, listening to Of Monsters and Men and The Protomen, and watching The X-Files on Netflix. Matt also has an appreciation for stylish hair, leather jackets, and being honest and true to one’s self. If you’d like to contact Matt, you can reach him at mcgrortym@rider.edu, at his portfolio, at his linkedin, or by opening your window and screaming his name repeatedly into the night air. Remember: the louder, the better.