In a college full of neanderthals, insane professors and gross student debt 107.7 The Bronc and our special guest, Devon Werkheiser, have a guide to help you survive the real world.

Join The Bronc on October 22, 2020 in the BLC Cavalla Room beginning at 7:30 p.m. to hear how to survive four-years of college and life after you graduate at Devon Werkheiser’s Life Survival Guide.

Even though your results may vary come to the BLC for Devon’s advice about the real world, take part in a Q&A with the star of Ned’s Declassified on Nickelodeon, and meet and greet the creator of the Survival Guide.

If you want to be like “Claire Sawyer, Future Lawyer” join 107.7 The Bronc at 7:30 p.m. in the Cavalla Room on September of 2020 for this extra special event, because “in guide we trust.” Don’t be late and don’t waste your time like Gordie chasing that weasel.

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Devon Werkheiser’s Life Survival Guide is sponsored by RHA, Resident Housing Association and Career Development and Success.