1077TheBroncHoytVIP300x250-killarneysAfter the end of a long, busy week there’s only one place to kick off your weekend…Killarney’s! Join 107.7 The Bronc every Friday night at 10 p.m. for The VIP After Party, live from Killarney’s Publick House, located in Hamilton, NJ.

Hang out at Killarney’s and mix it up on the mic with 107.7 The Bronc’s Rayonna Little. Every Friday night, Ray will have you and your friends doing shout outs and playing fun games, like Fact or Crap, for amazing prizes. Enjoy great appetizers, pub food, outrageous drink specials and more. Killarney’s is Hamilton’s number one hotspot and the perfect spot to begin your weekend.

Kick your weekend off right with The VIP After Party with 107.7 The Bronc, every Friday at 10 p.m., live at Killarney’s Publick House, 1644 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, Hamilton.

IMG_0447Brian Specian

Brian is a Popular Music Studies Major, he has a love for music as his favorite genres are Alternative Rock, Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, with a little EDM. In his free time he is either watching movies, YouTube videos, listening to music, or watching Scrubs or The Office. His favorite hobby is playing or making music, as he plays Bass Guitar. His favorite time of year is concert season, as he waits to see his favorite bands perform. Brian is excited to be the Music Director for 107.7 The Bronc.

IMG_0496Kory Koch

Kory Koch is a Popular Music Studies Major. He has been a part of the radio station since his freshman year. Kory is a musician himself and plays different instruments including the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet and percussion in different ensembles around campus. His musical ability have helped immensely with his knowledge at the station. Kory has also been working on the VIP After Party and is having a great time and is just happy to be here.

IMG_0521Jordan Dreyer

Jordan is a Filmmaking, TV and Radio major with a concentration towards Filmmaking. In high school, Jordan was the lead anchor for their TV Station, K.D.T.V and President of the Television Media Club for two years. She is not only involved with the Radio Station but along with the Improv Club R.I.O.T, one of the hosts on our show VIP After Party, and is always willing to help and loves appearing on shows with her friends. She is a huge movie buff with her favorites ranging from The Star Wars Saga, The Lion King, and A Quiet Place. Jordan in her spare time also plays a broad range of video games, Fallout 4 being one of her top five, and was almost a Competitive Gamer! She also enjoys editing and of course hanging out with her friends and family, taking photos, playing board games and card games with her friends, and listening to new music. She tends to keeps a bright smile and a sweet personality to all she meets because making people smile is her life goal! Her favorite quote she lives by is “Life is like a movie, the titles start when you first breathe and the credits roll on your last, what you do with your life between those periods is the raw footage that only you can tell.”