Rider’s Only EDM Experience!1077_electric_v13

The Electric Jungle is taking over late nights on the Bronc from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. every Friday and Saturday.

Get the party started by tuning in to The Electric Jungle will show how vast of a genre EDM can be, as DJ Simian and DJ Skimmer spin several types of party-pumping music including Trap, Future Bass, House, Melodic Dubstep, and HipHop all night long. Electric Jungle makes you chill out and relax, while winding up to jumping and dancing throughout the mix.

There will be bunches of live guests too, including artists like Lusso, Rider’s very own Johncarlos Davila, Zejibo, DeltaGoon, and freedomtacos with the Nova Noise crew. Regardless of what kind of dance music you like, there is sure to be something for everyone with Electric Jungle on the Bronc.

Sound Cloud BannerDJ Skimmer is a DJ/ Producer who has performed at many colleges and EDM events across the East Coast. His style usually involves chiller EDM with a racing uptempo feel. DJ Skimmer is also a classically trained guitarist and plays several other instruments as well. For more of his music, listen at https://soundcloud.com/djskimmer.