Big Tom Lawler (
Grand Poohbah

Big Tom Lawler, former Program Director of The Bronc for 4 years (and no FCC fines!), is settling into his role as “Grand Poohbah” of WRRC – whatever that means (usually involving things not working properly). Big Tom is also the one responsible for the reverb, audio processing, and the IDs you hear on the station – and much to the chagrin of the students, the Solid Gold Weekends with all those cool old records from the ’50s and ’60s.

When not at The Bronc, Big Tom is the Program Director and Morning Show host at Great Gold 1410. Big Tom also hosts the Saturday Night Dance Party on The Breeze (yes…the guy works 6 days a week and attends school). He’ll be graduating in May (we hope)…with Bronc GM John Mozes making sure he goes to class!

When not working or attending school, Big Tom can be found driving around the Jersey Shore in his Caddy, blasting Otis Redding & Smokey Robinson out the windows singing along.