1617BRONC CareerCalling 300x250New year, new show! Your Career Is Calling is back for 2020 with a bang! Listen every Sunday morning at 8 a.m. and Tuesdays at 9 a.m with Wanda Ellett, president of G45 Consulting.

Looking for a job in the 21st Century is never easy. From networking to social media, there are many potholes on the road to career success. It’s easy to stumble when you don’t have someone to guide you through a never ending maze of resumes, interviews and elevator pitches.

Wanda will offer you a clear path to career success and fulfillment; empowering today’s students and career professionals to land the job you always wanted and reach your career goals and aspirations.

As we welcome Wanda to the Your Career Is Calling team we would also like to thank our corporate partners and underwriters: G45 Consulting, Harwill Express Press, 3175 Princeton Pike, Lawrenceville and Career Development and Success at Rider University. Check out the audio archives to listen to past episodes of Your Career Is Calling by clicking here and learn how to transition into new career opportunities.


Meet The Host and Producer

(Host) Wanda Ellett is the President of G45 Consulting, a boutique minority-woman owned small business in Boonton, NJ. Wanda is a permanent and consulting recruiter, career coach and matchmaker, a.k.a. the Career Yenta, helping passionate professionals connect with their next opportunity to shine. Wanda works with individual and business clients, to blend the traditional core requirements with the cultural, in the search for the right employment fit.

On a personal and professional level, Wanda has always loved connecting people and motivating others to follow or reconnect to their passion. As a hiring manager for consulting and permanent employees, Wanda is sensitive to the frustration of receiving and being a candidate for review, that doesn’t meet minimum requirements let alone match the personalities of the group.  She used this sensitivity to create the Career Yenta Career Boot Camp, which helps re-energize and motivate professionals in transition to reduce the time to their YES!!!

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